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Attention Star Wars Fans – Star Wars Episode 7 is Here…

Now that I’ve got your attention nerd, let me give you the bad news – there is no Star Wars Episode 7. But the good news is there is a T-shirt with C-3PO’s face on it, because that is awesome. And you don’t need no force to wear this baby. After conducting a short market… Read more


Thor T-Shirt

Our latest shirt is available now and it’s pretty awesome! It’s Thor – the God of hammering shit. An all-round awesome guy, not only is Thor a god and has a hammer, he also kills robots and ice-people and gets to kiss Natalie Portman. Why would you want to buy a THOR T-SHIRT I hear… Read more


Justin Bieber T-Shirt

What do you know about Justin Bieber, huh? This guy probably made a deal with the devil for eternal handsomeness, soft feminine features and a voice that seems to defy everything we know about sound. You want this gorgeous face? You can’t have it, but you can have the next best thing – his face… Read more


Who Will Our Next Face Of Awesome Be?

This next shirt we have coming up is one for all you lady-types out there. Ever wanted to stare into the cherub-like eyes of one of today’s biggest idols? Well, now you can. Kapow! T-Shirt! You’ll never want to leave your mirror with this bad boy on (even though he’s really a good boy.)  Can… Read more


Winners Don’t Do Drugs. They Do Tiger Blood

Not winning as much as you should be with that regular old energy drink? You want to be a total frickin’ rockstar from Mars? You want to win at everything, forever? Tiger Blood will give you the power to expose people to magic and use household items. Made with 100% passion and engineered to make… Read more


Facebook Competition – Win a Free Shirt!

Want to WIN your very own Charlie Sheen WINNING Shirt? All you have to do to enter is ‘LIKE’ our Facebook page then post a photo on our wall of your best Charlie Sheen impersonation. The most awesome photo as judged by my friend Carl (who has seen every Two-and-a-Half Men episode at least 3… Read more


Charlie Sheen “WINNING” Shirt

Release your inner bad boy (or girl) with this great new T-shirt depicting one of the greatest men of our time. Charlie Sheen. Sheen is just TOO awesome for words, except maybe the word ‘WINNING’, which is what he does all the time. Without even trying. And with a nose full of coke and a… Read more